Lap Harp Guide

Why it's best to buy your lap harp online.

There are lots of quality lap harps available, so it should be possible to find one which is right for you. However the number of specialist harp dealerships is limited and you may not have one geographically close to you. It's possible the nearest could be hundreds of miles away. Luckily good harp dealers are used to selling online and making it easy for you to choose the perfect lap harp.

Of course you'll want to know what each harp sounds like, how it feels, the look etc. A good dealer ship should be able to help you with this even when you shop online. And, because it's easier to stock a wider range of options in an online business than a typical bricks and mortar shop can accommodate, you'll get a much wider choice. Here are the advantages of purchasing your lap harp online:

  • Choice: all the main brands in a single place
  • Price: Online is usually cheaper since the overheads tend to be less – savings which can be passed on to you.
  • Expert assistance: Online harp sellers generally have plenty of employees who are specialists in the harp (and lap harp) rather than the staff in an average retail music shop who may sell many instruments.

What to consider when buying your lapharp

Range of stock:

Choose a dealer who offers a wide range of brands and models, so that you can make the best possible choice. Use their expertise to help you select which is likely to be the right harp for you. A good dealer can tell you which lap harp is best for your level of ability and ambition. Popular brands include Lyon & Healy, Salvi, Dusty Strings and Camac.

Accessories and support

Prefer a dealership that carries the accessories you might need such as tuning keys, sheet music and instruction books/videos. Ensure the salesperson can tell you how to do things like using the tuning keys. If you are new to the harp, you may want some training. Many dealerships will either offer music lessons or be able to recommend teachers to you. Also check whether the dealership can repair your lap harp if need be. This may not be something your local general music store has the facilities for.

Don't overlook second hand

Unlike the majority of things you buy, used lap harps can actually be better than their new counterparts. That's because as the wood ages, it can improve the harp's sound. However this will not be true if the harp has not been looked after properly. Here's an example of where a good specialist dealer can help you with their expertise. They'll know if the harp is in good condition and should be willing to price it accordingly. They should also offer rentals and returns.

Sound quality

Each harp will have its own unique sound and tonal qualities. Listen to a few before you make any decision. The dealers websites should offer you a range of audio samples to help you make up your mind.

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